Friday, September 2, 2016

Voyage of the Vikings Cruise - Cruise Day 7: At Sea

Although we look forward to the ports, we have had four in the first five days so sea days are a welcome change to let us recharge our batteries.  We slept in this morning and then had our usual breakfast at the Neptune Lounge.  By the time we ate and got things together it was time for a port talk on Greenland and Iceland by the location guide Barbara so we made our way to the showroom.

The talk was very interesting and we are really looking forward to our visit to Greenland tomorrow.  When the talk ended it was time for lunch so we were off to the Lido.  Val had her trivia today so after lunch she was off to the Crow’s Nest and I returned to our room to prepare some photos for the blog.  At 2:00 we had a Cruise Critic Roll Call event called a cabin crawl.  A cabin crawl is where various people volunteer to open up their cabins and allow other roll call members to look at them.  It was organized so that groups of five or six would leave at different intervals and visit the various cabins.  This is an opportunity to visit the various cabin types that people may not have seen.  Val and I got to see an inside cabin, an ocean view cabin and a verandah cabin, which are types we have never seen.  Every cabin type was represented so we know now what to expect if we ever book another type.

That took almost an hour and by then it was type for a presentation on Iceland by one of the guest lecturers.  It was very interesting and gave us a lot more insight on the geology, the history, the people and the politics of Iceland.  After the lecture it was 4:00 and we returned to our cabin to relax a bit.  I went back to work on the photos and Val watched a movie until she got bored and took a walk around the ship.

It was getting near time for dinner so Val and I decided to go up to the Crow’s Nest and have a couple of unleaded margaritas.  We couldn’t see very much as it was very foggy, but it was quiet so we sat and relaxed until dinnertime.  We had a good dinner and conversation with Ken and Mary Beth and then ended the night as usual in the casino.  Tomorrow we will be in Greenland, but we don’t arrive until 10:00 so we don’t have to get up early.

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