Thursday, September 8, 2016

Voyage of the Vikings Cruise - Cruise Day 17 - At Sea

Today is a sea day and we took advantage of it by sleeping in.  After our breakfast in the Neptune Lounge we spent the rest of the morning looking at our pictures from yesterday.  It was soon time for lunch and we headed to the Lido and then Val went off to team trivia.  I went back to our room to catch up on the blog.

We had an appointment with the Future Cruise Consultants at 3:00 today so after Val returned we were off to that.  We got there a little early and there were already people waiting in line, but thanks to being in a Neptune Suite we had an appointment and got right in.  It made us a little self-conscious, but we may as well take advantage of the perks we paid a premium for.

The purpose of this meeting was to book another cruise.  We have chosen another transatlantic cruise this one a round trip out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida with many stops in the Mediterranean.  It is called the Atlantic Adventurer and it's 49 days long, our longest cruise yet.  Although it was on our list of cruises we were interested in, it wasn’t one of our priorities, but they gave us such a good price, we just couldn’t say no.  I don’t really know why it is so cheap, maybe because of the time of year (October through December) or maybe because of the unrest in some parts of the Mediterranean.  We were shocked to find out we did get a discount because of our regular visits to the casino, which surprised us as we don’t spend very much there.  It’s nice to know the money we lose is at least being noticed and in this case, paying us back much more than we’ve spent.

After booking our cruise we walked around for a bit and then returned to the room to read and relax until dinner time.  Val wanted to play trivia again before dinner so we went down to the MIX and had our unleaded margaritas while playing trivia with John and Dick.  We added Susan and Rick to our team tonight to make the maximum team size of six.  After trivia it was time for dinner and then on to the casino.  I had another good night in the casino, but Val continued her losing ways, she is due for a big win.  We don’t feel so bad about losing in the casino now as we can consider it saving money on our next cruise. ;-)  After the casino we called it a night and returned to our room.  Tomorrow we will dock in Rotterdam for first of a two day stay there.

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  1. Interesting that your time in the casino helps on the price of the next cruise. Just keep your loses in the casino at a minimum and over all, you'll always win. Pretty cool!