Monday, September 12, 2016

Voyage of the Vikings Cruise - Cruise Day 20 - At Sea

Today is a welcome sea day.  With an additional hour of sleep last night we were up at a reasonable hour.  There was a new guest lecturer on board whose first talk we wanted to see, but it wasn’t until 11:00 so I took the opportunity to finish up yesterday’s blog post.  It was soon time to leave so Val and I headed to the showroom to hear a talk on women pirates.  It was a very interesting talk and the new lecturer is very good, he is both entertaining and able to cover his topic very well.

By the time the lecture ended it was time for lunch so we headed up to the Lido.  After lunch, Val was off to her team trivia and I went back to the room to go online and pay a couple of bills that were due and check our bank accounts to make sure that nobody had emptied them while we were gone.  :-)

Barbara, the location guide was giving a talk on our upcoming ports at two so I left early to save some seats and Val would meet me in the showroom after her trivia.  After the port presentation, we were scheduled to have our passports stamped by British Immigration who were on-board as two of our next three ports are in the UK. For some reason there was an announcement for everyone who hadn't seen immigration to due it immediately so we had to leave the showroomLuckily for us, the showroom was close to where immigration was so we were done in a few minutes and back to the talk in less than ten minutes.

After the lecture it was back to the room for reading and relaxing before dinner.  One thing we noticed today was the number of ships we passed.  We must be in the freight shipping lanes as we saw more ships at sea today than we’ve seen in all our other cruises combined.  Before dinner, we once again went to the evening team trivia in the MIX Lounge, but didn’t win tonight.  After dinner and the casino we called it a night and returned to our room.  Tomorrow we will be arriving in Dublin, Ireland.

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