Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Voyage of the Vikings Cruise - Cruise Day 24 - At Sea

Well, last night was a bit rough and the seas reached up to 10 feet, but we both slept pretty well.  I think the rolling ship actually enhanced our sleep, but there were several times during the night when I woke up when the ship lurched and shuddered, which isn’t unusual, but still enough to wake you up.  Around 5:00 AM there was a particularly violent lurch with the ship shuddering with loud noises sounding like something was banging into the ship.  We found out later today that it was a rogue wave over 12 feet high that the ship had run into.  Evidently they are usually detected ahead of time, but this one wasn’t.  Oh well, except for being woken up, no harm done.

We got up around 9:00 with plenty of sleep and felt good.  After breakfast we were off to the showroom to hear a port talk on our next two ports in Iceland.  After that we stayed for a lecture on Captain Bligh (of Mutiny on the Bounty) and his ties to the Isle of Man.  The ties were minimal, but it did tie his story into our cruise and it was a very interesting lecture.  Evidently Captain Bligh was not the terrible person he has been depicted as in the movies.  He was one of the first people whose reputation was battered by the media.

After the lecture it was off to the Lido for lunch and then Val went to trivia and I went back to the room.  I had to catch up on the blog and download our pictures from yesterday so I really welcomed the free time.  Val returned from her trivia and read for while I finished up what I was doing and then we took the computer down to the Neptune Lounge to look at our pictures.  It is easier to do it in the Neptune Lounge because there is a large table that we can sit side by side at.  We hadn’t looked at any of our pictures since Norway so we had lots to look at and only got as far as Dublin before it was time to start thinking about getting ready for dinner.

We returned to the cabin and read a little bit and then started getting ready for dinner.  Tonight is another formal night so it took us a little longer to get ready, but we were on our way to trivia in the MIX Lounge earlier than usual.  We found we had added one more member to our team, but one member didn’t show up so it stayed below six, which is the maximum size.  We didn’t do very well, but we made up for it with an excellent dinner.  We did even worse in the casino than we did at trivia so we were back in our room early.  Tonight we set the clocks back another hour so we get an extra hours sleep.  Tomorrow is another sea day so we should be well rested when we arrive in Iceland.

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