Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Voyage of the Vikings Cruise - Cruise Day 25 - At Sea

We got plenty of sleep last night as we not only gained an hour since they set the clocks back an hour, but we also slept in this morning.  We did get up in time to get our breakfast and get to the showroom in time to watch a presentation on our upcoming stop of Greenland.  After the port talk Val stayed to hear a lecture on whales, but I decided to return to the room and read for a while.

When she returned we decided to head to the Lido for lunch.  They were serving fish and chips today so we opted for that.  They were OK, but the fish were a little mushy so it was a little disappointing.  After lunch Val headed to trivia and I went to the Culinary Arts Center where they were having a cooking competition.  It was between teams of crew members and this was the semifinals.  Mervin, our Neptune Lounge concierge, was one of the contestants so I wanted to show my support.  Unfortunately he lost, but it was fun to watch.

Val and I met up again and headed for the Ocean Bar where we were meeting LT and Cindy who are going with us on a private tour that Val arranged for our second upcoming day in Iceland.  We had a nice chat with them and then headed back to the room.  We still had not looked at all of our pictures so we spent the next hour viewing our pictures from the Isle of Man and Belfast.  Thank goodness we are finally caught up.  After that it was back to the room to relax until it was time to get ready for dinner.

Before dinner, we once again attended trivia in the MIX Lounge where our team did very poorly.  Ken and Mary Beth, the couple who sit at the table next to us for dinner were going to the Canaletto (a specialty restaurant) tonight so when we were getting seated at our table, Glen and Richard at another nearby table invited us to join them.  We had a very nice conversation with them and ended up being the last one out of the dining room.  After that it was off to the casino where we lost quickly and were soon back in our room.  Tomorrow we will be in Akureyri, which is on the north end of Iceland.  We have to be up by 7:00 for our tour at 8:00.

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