Sunday, September 18, 2016

Voyage of the Vikings Cruise - Cruise Day 33 - At Sea

Val had a bad night last night with a bad cough and a fever that kept her up.  She didn’t feel very good when we got up, but felt a little better as the morning wore on.  We had breakfast in the Neptune Lounge this morning and then went down to see the photo contest photos, which were displayed in the photo gallery.  We were quite disappointed so see how dark our pictures had printed, but I don’t know whether it’s the way they were printed or a problem with the screen on my laptop.  There were a lot of very nice photos on display so it may not have mattered anyway.  I voted for Val’s photos in the people and wildlife category and LT’s waterfall picture in the landscape section.

We returned to the cabin and while Val rested, I updated the blog.  The morning went by quickly and it was soon time for lunch so we went up to the Lido.  There is a pizza stand out on the Lido pool deck that I wanted to try so with only a few days left, we decided to have pizza for lunch.  The pizza turned out to be quite good as was the caprese salad that we had with it.  After lunch Val was off to trivia and I downloaded the photos from yesterday.

I met Val in the casino after she finished with trivia because today was the second round of the slot tournament.  I had dropped to fifth and Val remained in third so we decided we didn’t need to enter today as so far both our scores qualify for the finals.  The third round and finals will be the day after tomorrow so we’ll see if we make it.  We hung around the casino for a while and after losing a little money, I returned to the room, but Val stayed.  I read for a while and worked on our photos, but I began to wonder what happened to Val; I figured she had hit a big jackpot or was spending all her money.  I went back to the casino to check on her and it turned out it was neither, she was still playing on the same 20 dollars she had started with; not winning very much, but not losing either.  After watching her for a bit I picked up a snack from the Neptune Lounge and returned to the room.  After a while, Val finally returned; after two hours of play she had ended up doubling her money so it was a success.

We looked at our pictures from yesterday and then relaxed for a while until it was time to get ready for dinner.  We headed off for the MIX for trivia before dinner and then finished up the casino.  Val is still feeling under the weather so we called it an early night and returned to our room.  Tonight we gain another half hour of sleep before our arrival in Halifax, Nova Scotia tomorrow.

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