Monday, September 5, 2016

Voyage of the Vikings Cruise - Cruise Day 14 - At Sea

We slept in again today to make up for our lost hour, but I’ll be glad when we get back to getting up at a normal hour.  We end up eating our breakfast late so we’re not hungry for lunch and then it kind of disrupts the whole day.  Not really a big deal, but I need something to complain about on this wonderful cruise.

This morning there was a talk by one of the guest lecturers on Charles Lindbergh and Beryl Markham.  They were both pioneering aviators and I think everyone pretty much knows the story of Charles Lindbergh, but I had never heard of Beryl Markham.  It was a very interesting lecture and we both enjoyed it.

When the lecture ended it was time for lunch, but neither one of us was particularly hungry so we just hung out in the room for a while.  Val had her trivia and left for that and after catching up on yesterday’s blog post I went off to the showroom to save a seat for Val who would join me after trivia.  The reason I went early to save a seat as the captain was going to be in the showroom to talk and then answer question from the audience which is always a popular event.  It was very interesting and the questions for the most part were very good from our fellow passengers.

After the captain’s question and answer show, we were hungry so we went to the Neptune Lounge for some snacks.  We had an appointment with the future cruise planners so by the time we finished eating it was time to go to that.  The cruise we had wanted to book next was not being offered in 2017 so they gave us some other interesting ideas to think about.  The one we are considering the most is a 49 day transatlantic round trip cruise out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  It has an interesting itinerary and for some reason, it is very inexpensive.  Our cruises just seem to keep getting longer and longer.

After our session with the cruise planners it was back to the room to go over the literature they had given us and to do some reading and relaxing before dinner.  Once again it was the Crow’s Nest, dinner and the casino, but this time I broke the trend and had a very good night in the casino.  FINALLY!  No time change tonight, hooray, but tomorrow we arrive early in Alesund, Norway and want to be up by seven to get off the ship as soon as possible.

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