Sunday, September 18, 2016

Voyage of the Vikings Cruise - Cruise Day 34 - Halifax, Nova Scotia

Today we are in Halifax, Nova Scotia, which is the last port on our cruise before returning to Boston.  Halifax is the capital of Nova Scotia and has a population in the metro area of 390,000.  Halifax is a large economic center for Eastern Canada.

Val got a good night’s sleep last night and is feeling better this morning.  We didn’t have anything planned for Halifax so there was no rush to get off the ship. 
It was an overcast, dreary day as we sailed into Halifax.
The weather was overcast, but not too cold and very humid.  There is a boardwalk that runs along the waterfront from the cruise terminal so we walked down that for a while, but Val still isn’t 100% so we kept it short and returned to the terminal area.  There are a lot of shops and restaurants around the cruise terminal so we spent quite a while looking around in them before returning to the ship.  The Veendam, which is another Holland America ship is also docked in Halifax today, so the shops around the terminal area were doing a brisk business.  The Veendam is also the ship we will be on for our Atlantic Adventurer cruise next year.

This is a statue of Samuel Cunard who was a British shipping magnate and founded the Cunard line.  He was born in Halifax.

This statue honors the emigrant.  Halifax was a major destination port for people migrating from Europe to Canada.  Halifax was also the destination of the Titanic on it's fateful last voyage.
It was time for lunch when we returned to the ship so we headed off to the Lido and for the second day in a row, we had pizza for lunch; we had really liked what we had yesterday.  After lunch, it was back ashore to buy a present for Mary Beth as her birthday is tomorrow.  After doing that it was back to our room for a little relaxation before Val left for her team trivia.  While Val was gone, I walked around the deck and took some pictures until Val was finished with trivia.

This is the Samuel Cunard statue as seen from the ship.
An interesting looking harbor tour boat.

We were sailing out of Halifax at 4:00 today so I went out on the Lido pool deck to watch the sail away and stayed out there until we left the harbor.  When I returned to the room Val was out on the balcony so I joined her there until we were clear of the harbor.  

We sail away from Halifax.  That is the Vendam, another Holland America ship.

This was a military installation from World War II.

We relaxed for a while before dinner and then headed for our usual routine of trivia, dinner and the casino.  Tonight was the last formal night of the cruise and for the first time on all of our cruises we attended all the formal nights.  Tomorrow is a sea day and the last day of our cruise so everyone is a little sad today.

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