Monday, September 5, 2016

Voyage of the Vikings Cruise - Cruise Day 13 - At Sea

We lost another hour last night, but at least today was a sea day and we could sleep late.  We started off the morning as usual with breakfast in the Neptune Lounge and lingered there a while talking to some others around the table.  It started to stray into politics so we decided that it was time to leave.

Val had an appointment in the spa for a “Cleopatra Treatment”, which included a massage, foot massage and a facial among other things so she would be gone a while.  I used the time she was gone to finish writing up the blog for Iceland and organized some of our photos.  Her treatment took a full two hours and by the time she got back she had missed her team trivia so we decided to go to the Lido and have a late lunch.  We also missed a lecture we wanted to attend so since the casino hadn’t opened until late last night, we decided to go and use last night’s gambling allowance.  We had our usual lack of luck and returned to our room.

We had our drinks before dinner in the Crow’s Nest, then dinner and finished the evening with another trip to the casino.  We had received the bad news that we would move the clocks ahead yet another hour tonight, but the captain said that it would be the last time.  Thank goodness, we are now nine hours ahead of California time.  Tomorrow is another sea day so once again we can sleep in.

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