Saturday, April 25, 2015

Inca Empire Cruise - Day 26 At Sea

Another sea day today so that means another day of leisure, it’s a tough life.  After our usual breakfast we headed to the showroom to hear a talk by Location Guide Kainoa about our next two ports, Manzanillo and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  We went early and were able to see the morning show where the cruise director interviews one of the officers. Today the interview was with the ship’s Human Resources Director, which turned out to be very interesting.

After Kainoa’s port talk, we stayed in the showroom as Guest Lecturer, Tommie Sue Montgomery, was giving a talk on the Markets of Mexico.  She is a very good lecturer and really makes her talks come alive with her extensive studies and travels in Latin America.  It was noon when she finished so we went back to our room until it was time for Val to go to trivia.

After Val finished her trivia and we had lunch, we looked at our pictures from the last three port.  After our picture viewing we spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing and reading until it was time for dinner.

We did the our usual routine of the MIX, dinner and the casino, but it turned out to be a bad night for both of us again in the casino so we quit early and headed back to our room.  We were very surprised to see we would be losing an hour tonight so that means an hour less sleep.  We have an excursion tomorrow that starts just after 8:00 AM.  Since we are headed west we would normally be gaining an hour, but for some reason we did the opposite; maybe it had to do with daylight savings or something, who knows.

I talk about going to the MIX Lounge every
night so I thought I'd add some pictures of it.
This is the MIX Lounge looking in from the back.  It is an open area in the
mid part of the ship with the casino to the right and shops to the left.
This is our waiter Roy who always seemed to have our drinks (two "unleaded" margaritas) 
ready when we arrived, and always seemed to be having a good time.

Unfortunately, I never got to know her name, but she was the
bartender who always had a big smile for us when we came in.
And this is Chris Bartlett who drew us in every night with his music.

Tomorrow we will be in Manzanillo, Mexico and as I said we have an early excursion so we’ll be getting up extra early.

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