Thursday, April 16, 2015

Inca Empire Cruise - Day 14 Trujllo, Peru

Well we almost made it to Trujillo, but as we were eating breakfast just after 8:00 the captain announced that docking at the port had been cancelled.  It seems that Trujillo has a very shallow harbor and the entrance can be difficult to enter.  Evidently the port has been closed for several days because of the size of the swells at the harbor entrance, but the port authority had given our ship permission to enter today if we wanted.  The captain decided that it wasn’t worth the risk, so we would be sailing on to Lima and not stopping.  While it’s disappointing, I would much rather be safe than risk serious problems.   Visions of the Costa Concordia come to mind.

We spent the morning in the Crow’s Nest and the Explorer’s Lounge (another place to sit and read) while waiting for our cabin to be cleaned.  I had very little energy this morning and felt drowsy and wondered what was going on, but Val said that that is one of the possible side effects of our altitude sickness pills we started taking for our visit to Machu Picchu.

Val went to team trivia while I continued to do nothing but lie around and be lazy.  The Smarty Pants team won again today so we celebrated by going to lunch.  Another side effect of our pills is loss of appetite, but that happily doesn’t seem to be affecting either one of us.  After lunch we went through our Embera Indian Village pictures and picked some out for the blog and then prepared our bags for our departure to Machu Picchu tomorrow when we dock in Lima.  The rest of the afternoon we spent reading and relaxing.  The last two days we have been seeing a lot of dolphins jumping out of the water around the ship and it has been very interesting to watch.

We broke our dinner routine a little tonight by attending a movie before dinner.  They show a different movie every day and they are usually pretty current.  On this trip there have been many Academy Award nominees and winners shown.  The movie we went to see was not one of them, but a documentary called “Peel: The Peru Project”.  It is about four surfers, two from California and two from Hawaii, who travel to Peru to surf.  The movie was very good as it went beyond surfing to also show the culture and geography of Peru.  We were particularly interested when they took a trip to Machu Picchu, it looked spectacular.

After the movie we had time to go up and catch a bit of Chris in the MIX before heading to dinner and then the casino.  Tomorrow we dock in Lima, Peru and we travel to Machu Picchu for three days and two nights; we are very excited!!

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