Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Inca Empire Cruise - Day 18 At Sea

We slept in very late today and it felt good to have nothing to do all day long.  Unfortunately Val woke up with a sore throat and didn’t feel very well.  On our plane flight from Cusco to Lima it seemed like everyone around us was coughing and blowing their noses so it looks like Val may have picked up a cold.  That’s not good, but at least she’s got two sea days to relax and hopefully start feeling better.

Breakfast today was more of a brunch it was so late, but as I said, we have nothing to do so what does it matter.  Since we had no plans, I wanted to start writing the blog before I forgot some of the details.  I’m pretty certain it won’t be published until we get home, but I did want it written.  Val relaxed and slept until around noon when we started looking at the numerous pictures we took on our journey.  Despite not feeling well, Val still wanted to go to trivia so we put our picture viewing on hold for later and while she was at trivia, I continued my blog writing.

When Val came back from trivia, we went to lunch and then it was back to the room to look at the rest of our pictures.  After that it was more rest for Val and more writing for me.  She didn’t feel like going to dinner tonight so we ordered room service, checked out a DVD and watched a movie in our room.  No MIX or casino for us tonight, we’re just hoping that Val feels better tomorrow as we arrive in Ecuador the day after tomorrow (Friday).

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