Friday, April 12, 2013

Hawaii / Tahiti 30 Day Cruise - Day 6 Honolulu

Thursday Day 6 - Honolulu

I woke up early this morning and kept getting up to see if I could see land.  Finally around 7:30 it was LAND HO!  The first time we’d seen land in four days.  On our way into Honolulu we saw a whale and several dolphins.  The weather was warm with just a few clouds so it looked like a good day.  We docked next to the landmark Aloha Tower, but there was no music and dancers to welcome us as there was last time we sailed into Honolulu.  We didn’t actually dock until 10:00 so we had a leisurely breakfast before we went ashore.
Coming into Honolulu.  That's Diamondhead on the right.
Entering the harbor.

The Aloha Tower.  We will go past it and then dock along side it.

Before we left home we purchased tickets for the Waikiki Trolley so that was our plan for today.  The Waikiki Trolley is a hop-on / hop-off trolley with three lines that run around Honolulu, the red, pink and green line.  The red line stops at the Aloha Tower next to the ship so we hopped on and headed downtown.  The pink line runs mainly in the Waikiki Beach area and the green line runs out to the Diamond Head area and then back into the city.  After visiting various areas and having lunch we caught the red line and headed back to the ship.  Although the main focus today was not picture taking, here are a few we took along the way.

Waikiki Beach
The view from the Diamondhead parking area.

The green line Waikiki Trolley.
We had fun on shore, but the crew had to work.
We got back around 4:00 and got cleaned up and relaxed until dinner.  It’s getting redundant to say this, but we had another good dinner as you can see from the pictures.
The Aloha Tower just before dinner.
Appetizer - Seafood Ceviche
Appetizer - Seafood Croquette

Entre - Roast Pork Loin with Carmalized Apple
Dessert - Chocolate Avalanche Cake.

Because we were in port, there was only one show tonight at 9:30 so after dinner we were off to the show.  The entertainment tonight was The Drums of Polynesia Cultural Review which was pretty good.  I took a few pictures, but as you can see, they are a little blurry as they were moving too fast.

After the show it was off to bed as we have to get up early tomorrow for our trip to Pearl Harbor.

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  1. Hi guys, the food pics looks delicious! Sounds like you are having a wonderful time.