Monday, April 22, 2013

Hawaii / Tahiti 30 Day Cruise - Day 14 Sea Day

Friday Day 14 – Sea Day

As you can imagine, we have very few television channels out in the middle of nowhere.  The ship has a few channels that replay taped versions of the various talks and lectures they have had onboard, as well as advertisements for things they are selling in the ship’s store, and shore excursions sponsored by the ship.  One of the channels we find most interesting is the channel that displays the current weather, our exact position in the world, how many miles we’ve sailed, how many miles to our next port, and other current nautical facts about our cruise.  One piece of information it shows is the depth of the ocean in our current location.  Since we have been in the South Pacific the sea depth beneath the ship has been between 14,000 and 19,000 feet (which is three to five miles).  A good incentive not to fall overboard!
Today is our second Friday this week, which makes up for missing Tuesday a few days ago. Crossing the International Dateline can be confusing. After breakfast it was time for another of Travel Guide Julia’s talks on our upcoming ports, this morning it was Bora Bora.  Another great presentation, and we are really looking forward to Bora Bora.  After the Bora Bora talk it was time for another lecture by Dr. Ken Longenecker, this time on the “Sex Lives of the Reef Fishes”.  This was a very interesting talk about the reproduction process of the fish of the coral reefs we will be seeing when we go snorkeling.  It turns out that seventy percent of the reef fish in the world change their gender during their lifetimes and most of them change from female to male.

After the lecture it was time for lunch, and then Val was off to Team Trivia and I finally finished up the Fanning Island blog post.  Later in the afternoon we had another appointment with Future Cruise Consultant, Annette to wrap up some details of our Inca Empire cruise next year. 
We decided to go to happy hour in the Crow’s Nest where we ran into Ken, Cathy, Mark and Shirley so we joined them.  We chatted with them for a while and as we talked we saw an amazing sight.  A large school of dolphins suddenly appeared off to the side of the bow of the ship and swam alongside for a bit jumping in and out of the water and treating everyone to a wonderful show.  Soon it was time for everyone but us (early seating for them) to go to dinner so we went back to our room.  I decided to try my walk again today and this time had more success as the decks were clean and polished and ready to use.  I managed to do two miles today, but could really feel my inactivity in my legs.

Tonight was a formal dress night, but before dinner we attended the evening show, which was another production show by the Westerdam Singers and Dancers.  The show was very good, as have been all the shows we have attended.  Before the show started I was chatting with a lady sitting next to me who has been on thirty-five cruises.  This was their first on Holland America and she said how surprised she was at how good the entertainment was.  We thought so to, but we only have a couple of other cruises to compare it with.  After the show we had another (need I say it again) excellent dinner and then our usual visit to the casino.  Val was back on track tonight and did pretty well.

We have one more sea day until Rarotonga.  After Rarotonga another sea day, and then we have a string of port days all in a row as we sail to several different islands.  We were treated to another beautiful sunset this evening, and we were almost late for the show watching it.  Val took some great pictures of the sunset, here are several of those. 

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