Friday, April 12, 2013

Hawaii / Tahiti 30 Day Cruise - Day 5 At Sea

Wednesday Day 5 - At Sea

Today we woke up to sunny skies for the first time on the trip.  It was also much warmer and the humidity continues to climb.  There is a suite function in the Pinnacle Grill today, so we had a light continental breakfast in the Neptune Lounge.  Val and I decided to do some walking on the lower promenade deck so went down and did two laps around the decks.  From there we decided to spend some time at the sea view pool, but it was pretty crowded so we spent the rest of the morning relaxing on our balcony.

The Pinnacle Grill suite luncheon was nice, but I thought not organized too well.  It was set up as a buffet and to keep the line short, only certain tables were let go at one time.  This created delays and by the time we got up there some of the food needed replenishing and others had cooled off.  All in all though, it was good and we got to meet some of our neighbors.  After lunch Val returned to the team trivia competition where her team again did well, but not well enough to win.  Today was the second qualifying slot tournament and I had a coupon for an entry so I gave it another try.  Unfortunately, I did even worse today and didn’t come close to winning.  From there I went to a lecture on the little known smaller islands in the Hawaiian Island chain.  There are actually 132 islands in the Hawaiian Islands stretching 2500 miles with the last one being Midway.

The rest of the afternoon was spent reading and taking it easy.  We decided not to go to the show tonight, but instead went up to the Crow’s Nest and had a couple of drinks and hors d’oeuvres.  It was very quiet up there at that time of the evening and nice for a change.  Later, after another very good dinner, it was off to the casino to finish the night.  This time my luck finally changed and not only did I gain back everything I lost, I am actually up for the trip.  Unfortunately for Val, her luck turned for the worse.  That was the end of our day, tomorrow morning we sail into Honolulu for our first port of the trip.  

Here are a couple of pictures Val took of our sunset tonight.

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