Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hawaii / Tahiti 30 Day Cruise - Day 10 At Sea

Monday Day 10 – At Sea

So far we have traveled 3,100 nautical miles, which is equivalent to about 3,570 regular miles.  The weather has been good with slightly overcast or sunny days and gentle seas.  As we sail south the days are slowly becoming warmer and more humid as we get closer to the equator.  Today’s high will be about 80 degrees, with the humidity at 75%.  Tomorrow we cross the International Dateline so we will miss Tuesday, but don’t worry, we’ll make up for it by having two Fridays later on in the cruise.

We were looking forward to a relaxing day at sea after four days of ports so we decided to sleep in and have room service deliver our breakfast to our room this morning.  One of the nice things about cruising is the availability of complimentary twenty-four hour room service which we often take advantage of for breakfast.  The weather is balmy with just enough breeze to keep things cool so it was very pleasant eating breakfast out on the balcony watching the sea roll by.

After breakfast we attended a talk on our next stop, Fanning Island.  I wasn’t really expecting much after hearing how poor and impoverished the islanders are, but the island looks beautiful and even though they are very poor, they seem to live a happy and rich life.  After the talk, Val and I went down and met with the future cruise consultant and booked another cruise, which in fact is another thirty day cruise.  It is called the Inca Empire and is another roundtrip out of San Diego leaving in March of 2014.  The itinerary brings us down the west coast of Mexico, Central America and as far south as Lima, Peru in South America.  The big draw for us was that the cruise has a three day stop in Lima with an option for an excursion to Machu Picchu which we plan to do.  Very exciting for us!

By the time we finished booking our cruise, it was time for lunch which created a bit of a problem for us.  Normally we eat a late lunch, but Val’s team trivia starts at 1:15 and by the time it ends the Lido is closed for lunch.  We decided to grab a snack in the Neptune Lounge and go the Terrace Grill when she was finished.  That worked out just fine as we grabbed a couple of hamburgers from the Terrace Grill when she finished and ate out on deck by the Seaview Pool. 

I had planned on spending today catching up on processing our photos and catching up on the blog so after lunch I spent most of the afternoon doing that.  Val spent some time out and about on the ship and then returned and helped me finish up the blog.  We spent the rest of the day reading until it was time to get ready for dinner, no show for us tonight.  It was a formal night in the dining room so many of us were dressed up for the evening.  After dinner we had a very quick night in the casino and then called it a day.  I might add that we have our fixed dining time at 8:00, and then usually go to the casino for a little while, and after that we might stop somewhere else, so it is usually closer to 11:00 before we’re back to our stateroom for the evening.

Entre - Seared Pompano Fillet with Lemon-Parsley Vinginrette
Dessert - White Chocolate Chef's Toque filled with Chocolate Mousse
Dessert - Dutch Apple Cake

Before we left home we were wondering how we would like a cruise as long as this 30 day cruise and so far it seems like it will be just fine, and in fact, it is going by much too fast.  Today we finished the first third of our trip and it seems like we just left.  I have tried to describe what the sea days are like, but it’s hard to convey how nice they are, you can do as much or little as you want, eat when you want and just not have to worry about anything.  The ports are the main thing of interest on the cruise, but the sea days have a special appeal also especially after a few days in port. 

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