Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Atlantic Adventurer Cruise: Day 9 and 10, At Sea

Sunday, October 29, 2017
Day 9, At Sea

We slept in this morning and didn’t get up until just before 10:00.  We hadn’t meant to sleep that long, but we woke up early and just fell back to sleep.  Oh well, it’s not like we have anywhere we have to be.

I had two busy days of tours in the Azores to write about for the blog so I decided I would spend my day doing that.  Val went to a talk on Madeira, which is another Portuguese Island in the Atlantic we will visit on the way home.  When she returned we went to lunch and had another nice conversation, this time with a couple from Florida.

After lunch Val was off to trivia and I was back to writing.  The table I use for my computer while I write doesn’t have any electrical outlet near it so I have to use battery power and by the time Val got back, I had to quit writing and put my computer on the charger.  I was kind of glad as I was tired of writing anyway so I relaxed for a while and did some reading.  By late afternoon, I felt like I wanted to get out and do something as I had been sitting all day so I went out and did 6 laps around the deck for my mile and a half walk.

When I got back it was time to get ready for dinner.  Tonight was a formal night so we took a little extra time to get ready and then headed up to trivia before dinner.  After dinner it was back to the casino where I didn’t have the same luck as last night, but I did get to play a little longer than usual and I do have a little extra for tomorrow.  Although Val isn’t coming out a winner, she had been able to play a lot longer on her money and I usually end up leaving before she is done.  Tomorrow is another sea day so we will have one more day to relax before arriving at our next port of Lisbon.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Day 10, At Sea

We didn’t sleep in as long as yesterday as we wanted to see a presentation on the ports of Barcelona and Palma, Mallorca which are two of our upcoming ports.  With so few sea days from now on, they are having to do the port talks early and fast.

After the port talk, Val stayed to see a lecture on Pompeii and I returned to the room to finish catching up on the blog.  When Val returned, we went to lunch and couldn’t resist having another pizza and salad for lunch.  As I have said before, the pizzas are surprisingly good on the ship.

After lunch, Val was off to trivia and I had just a little more to do to get the blog up to date so I did that.  After a few days of relatively calm seas we are rocking and rolling a bit again and walking around everyone again looks like drunken sailors.  Val was thinking about changing the excursion we had booked with another one, but she wanted to find out more information so we went down to the excursions desk.  After talking to the excursions people and the port guide, she decided to keep what we had so nothing more had to be done and we returned to the room.

We spent the rest of the afternoon reading and relaxing until it was time to get ready for dinner.  It was trivia, dinner and the casino for us as usual and tonight I had another good night and broke even.  Val didn’t do so well, but she does get a lot of action for her money.  It was early to bed for us as we arrive in Lisbon, Portugal at 8:00 and we have a big day planned.


  1. Hi Dave and Val; Enjoying your blog! Can you contact me at murraycr at rogers dot com? I lost Charles and Ruth's contact info. Thanks.

    1. I'm glad you're enjoying the blog. I have e-mailed you Charles and Judy's contact info.

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