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Atlantic Adventurer Cruise: Day 21, Civitavecchia, Italy

Friday, November 10, 2017
Day 21, Civitavecchia, Italy

Today our port is Civitavecchia, Italy and is the closest port to Rome.  Today we had an all-day tour planned to see the highlights of Rome that was arranged through our Cruise Critic Roll Call Group, but unfortunately things didn’t go as planned.

It was an early tour and we had to meet on the dock at 8:15 so we set the alarm for 7:00.  When the alarm went off and I got up I knew we were in trouble as I didn’t feel very well at all.  I was determined to go though, and went ahead and got cleaned up and dressed, but I felt worse and worse as time went on.  Val and I talked it over and we went back and forth on what to do, but we finally decided not to go.  We would be cooped up all day in a van with six other people who I’m sure would not appreciate a sick person, and besides that, I just didn’t feel like I could make it all day.

We contacted Georgina, the coordinator for the tour, and told her we wouldn’t be going and she said she would let the driver know.  Val didn’t want to go without me so neither one of us would be seeing Rome today.  Unfortunately, we had prepaid our tour and we were cancelling too late to get a refund so we would be out that money.

I went back to bed and spent most of the day sleeping or at least trying to sleep while Val kept herself occupied; it was a pretty boring day for her, but I appreciate her giving up the trip to stay with me.  I decided I would go to dinner tonight, but skip trivia and the casino and get to bed early.  After taking a shower and getting dressed I actually felt a little better, which gave me hope for tomorrow.

It was a boring day for Val, but she was entertained by the sea gulls following the fishing boats into the harbor.

Today was a very disappointing day, but Val and I both agreed that if we had to miss a day, we would probably choose Rome for several reasons.  First, Rome is notorious for being very crowded with long lines and to add to that, today the public transportation workers were calling a general strike so traffic would be very bad.  Also, the skies were heavily overcast with a possibility of rain. And finally, we found out that the van would be packed with two rows of three with two of our eight traveling companions sitting in front with the driver.  If it is a short trip this might be OK, but this was an all-day tour with a long drive back and forth to Rome.  We hate these overcrowded private tours where they cram as many people in a van as possible to make more money.  We would rather pay a little more for a private tour and be comfortable.

So, the end of a lost day.  Tomorrow we will be in Naples and we have a tour planned to Pompeii, which neither one of us want to miss.  It is another full day tour and I really hope I am feeling well enough to go.

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