Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Atlantic Adventurer Cruise: Day 19, At Sea

Wednesday, November 8, 2017
Day 19, Sea Day

We slept in this morning, but we couldn’t sleep too long as we wanted to see a talk by the port guide for our upcoming stops in Naples, Italy and Dubrovnik, Croatia.  The talk was very interesting and I’m beginning to see why we have met so many people who have taken this cruise multiple times.  There are so many things to do in each port that you could visit over and over again and see something different each time.

After the port talk, we stayed in the showroom to see a question and answer session with the ship's captain.  That was also very interesting and we learned quite a bit about the running of the ship and some of the operational details of getting in and out of the ports.  After the captain’s talk it was time for lunch so we headed up to the Lido for lunch.  We sat beside a couple from the Gainesville, Florida area and it turned out they had a similar interest in music as we do so we had a good conversation over lunch.

After lunch, Val headed off to trivia and since the blog was caught up, I spent my time reading until she returned.  We spent the rest of the afternoon looking at some of our photos.  We haven’t had time to look at any of the pictures we’ve taken since Lisbon so we were anxious to see them.  We made it through Malaga and Cartagena before tiring of looking at pictures and saved the rest for another day.

It wasn’t quite time to get ready for dinner, so we relaxed for a while before starting our evening routine.  Our pub trivia team has been short a player the last couple of days and we found out that Roy has been down with a bad cold; I hope that’s not how mine ends up.  We did go back to the casino tonight, but my time ended up quickly and I was back in the room early as we have an early tour tomorrow.

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