Friday, January 26, 2018

Atlantic Adventurer Cruise: Day 35, At Sea

Friday, November 24, 2017
Day 35, At Sea

After four straight days of ports, today is a welcome break from all our activity.  We have seen and done some wonderful things, but it wears you down.  I slept well last night, but woke up early and decided to get up and work on the blog as I have fallen behind.  I made notes every day, but just didn’t have time to do a full writeup so my plan is to get as much done today before we reach our next port tomorrow.

After Val got up, we went down to the Neptune Lounge to have some breakfast and ran into Chris and Dennis, our tour mates from the first day in Malta.  We sat and talked for a while until our room was cleaned.  Dennis showed us some of the photos he had taken on Gozo which was nice since we haven’t even had time to look at ours yet.

After the room was cleaned, we returned and I went back to work on the blog.  We did receive a notice that the tour we booked in Cadiz, Spain had been cancelled due to a lack of interest so we decided to just go out on our own and not try to book another tour.  While I worked on the blog, Val read until it was getting near lunchtime.

We went up to the Lido and it looked like everyone on the ship was there to have lunch at the same time, very crowded.  After lunch Val was off to trivia and I was back to the blog.  When Val returned from her trivia, we took the computer and looked at more of our pictures.  We made it up to the first day in Malta, but we are still three days behind.

I returned to the room and got all the way caught up on the blog and then spent what was left of the afternoon relaxing.  Tonight was another formal night in the dining room so it took a little longer to get ready before we started our usual routine of trivia, dining room and casino before calling it a day.  Tomorrow we visit Gibraltar, but it’s like half a sea day as we don’t arrive until 1:00.

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