Thursday, October 29, 2015

Geezers, Wyoming and South Dakota - Portland Day 2

Day 28

We slept in this morning as we weren’t going over to Jason and Hilary’s until around noon.  The forecast was for partly cloudy skies, but it was foggy and overcast all morning so it didn’t look promising.  When we arrived at Jason and Hilary’s we found all the fixings for sandwiches laid out and we enjoyed an excellent lunch.

After lunch everyone (except Avery, who had gone to an art show) headed off to one of Portland’s many urban park areas and did some hiking up a beautiful canyon; it was almost like a rain forest.  By this time the sky was clearing and the fog was burning off and it was turning into a beautiful day.  Val’s knee has improved enough so she was able to hike without too much discomfort which made the day even better.  

Hilary and I

Hilary, Jason and one of their whippet dogs (the dogs are very well behaved)

After our hike we headed out of town to the stable where Ella and Hilary keep their horses.  Both are accomplished horse women and have many trophies to show for it.  Several years ago Hilary won the National Paint Horse Championship, so she is really an expert and an excellent example for Ella, Avery and Anderson who have all shown horses at some point. Hilary and Ella both got their horses out and it was fun watching them ride and put their horses through the paces.

Ella and her horse.
Hilary and her horse.

For our final night in Portland, Val’s ex-sister-in-law Penny, her husband Nate and Val’s nephew Garrett were coming up from Salem for dinner.  Everyone soon arrived and we got caught up on what’s been going on with everyone.  Nate is a great story teller and we were entertained by stories of his recent motorcycle trips and other (mis)adventures.  We had a very tasty dinner prepared by Jason and Anderson, along with a wonderful fruit salad that Penny contributed (Val and I have been eating so much road food we have been feeling fruit deprived so the salad really hit the spot).  Too soon it was time for the Salem contingent to head home and for us to head back to the hotel.

We have had a great time in Portland; Jason and Hilary along with Avery, Anderson and Ella have been great hosts.  They have shown us Portland, fed us, opened up their home to us and made us feel very welcome; we have really had a great time and it's sad to leave.  Our trip is almost over as we head south tomorrow for the two day drive home.

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  1. With your trip winding down, what a great experience to have with family along with the good food, sights and shared stories.