Sunday, October 25, 2015

Geezers, Wyoming and South Dakota - Whitefish

Day 22

It’s been a while, but this morning when we got up and looked out we saw nothing but blue sky, a welcome sight after so many cloudy days.  We had a full breakfast in the lodge dining room this morning and then headed into to Whitefish to get our laundry done.  The lodge had recommended a nearby laundromat that would actually wash and fold our clothes for us so we checked that out.  The price was very reasonable to we opted for that as it beat sitting around washing and drying clothes all morning.

While our clothes were being washed, we went into downtown Whitefish and walked around town for a while.  We were looking for some gifts for Val’s niece and her family who we will be visiting at the end of our trip.  After much contemplation and helpful suggestions, we were able to find what we hope will be something they like.  Downtown Whitefish is very nice and quaint, and everyone was very nice and helpful in the shops we visited, particularly the clerk in the Sage and Cedar shop; she really went out of her way to be helpful and her suggestions of some other shops to visit turned out to be perfect.

As we were finishing our shopping I got a call saying our laundry was ready so after finishing, we headed back to the laundromat to pick it up; that was fast service!  The plan for today had been to return to Glacier Park, but after returning to the lodge and getting our laundry put away, we realized we just wouldn’t have time as we had a 6:30 reservation for dinner at the Lodge.  What we decided to do instead was to follow the shore of Whitefish Lake north and find a back road into the Whitefish State Forest.  It was a nice drive up the lake, but the drive into the state forest turned out to be not very interesting so we returned to the Lodge.  I guess we've become a little spoiled by all the spectacular scenery we've been seeing.  By this time it was late afternoon and we wanted to review the pictures we had taken the previous day so we did that until it was time for dinner.

Our drive along the lake and into the forest was nice, but nothing to exciting.

We had a great dinner at the Lodge with a table by the window so we could watch the sunset.  This was the perfect end to our stay in Whitefish.  We have had a great stay at the Lodge at Whitefish Lake and would return here anytime.  The staff was great; they were friendly, efficient and very helpful.  The Lodge itself had everything you could want and our room was very large, had a fireplace, was comfortable and as a bonus the prices were very reasonable as this was their off season.

The lobby and great room of the lodge.
Looking towards dining room and lake.
The dining room.

It was nice to be able to watch the sunset over the lake while we ate.
This is the deck outside the dining room and bar.

Leaving the dining room and looking back into the lobby and great room.
We relaxed by the fireplace for a bit before calling it a night and returning to our room.
Tomorrow we start the final week of our trip; we will head south and west to the town of Kennewick, Washington which is the halfway point to Crate Lake, which is our next place to visit.

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  1. Besides all of the beautiful daily scenic photos with diary style narrative, I am grateful when you include shots of your room and lodge as you did here. You stayed in some really over the top spots and I appreciate it when you share that too. I'm enjoying the ride as I follow along...