Thursday, October 29, 2015

Geezers, Wyoming and South Dakota - Crater Lake National Park

Day 25

The weather today was supposed to be partly cloudy so we were disappointed to wake up to gray skies.  We decided to have breakfast in the lodge before starting our exploration of Crater Lake today.  After breakfast we started driving the Rim Road, which goes all the way around Crater Lake.

The skies continued to be gray, which was not good for our photography as the normally deep blue colored lake is gray.  We stopped at various spots along the road and despite the weather, enjoyed the views.  By late morning we were halfway around the lake and the sun had started to come out; the clouds were blowing away to the east leaving mostly blue skies behind.  We continued our way around the lake taking pictures and enjoying the views so we saw of Crater Lake from every direction.

Very gray skies for the start of our drive around the lake.


Wizard Island
Crater Lake Lodge from across the lake.

We finally started to see the sun and blue sky.
Towards the end of the Rim Road there was a turnoff to the Pinnacles Area which featured some interesting rock formations so we decided to do that.  Part way to the Pinnacles there was a trail that led to some waterfalls so I decided to take the two mile hike to the waterfall while Val drove on to Pinnacles Overlook. The waterfalls were beautiful and Val really enjoyed the Pinnacles so we both enjoyed our choices.

By this time it was mid-afternoon and we decided to return to the lodge and relax out on the patio enjoying the beautiful view of the lake.  There are chairs on the back patio where you can relax and just enjoy the beauty of the area.  After a couple of drinks and a lot of relaxation, a breeze came up and it cooled off so we decided to move ourselves inside and sit in front of the big fireplace and warm up for a bit.

The Crater Lake Lodge
The entrance.

The deck overlooking the lake.
We spent an enjoyable, relaxing afternoon out on the deck.
After being thoroughly warmed by the fire, we made our way back to our room to get cleaned up and prepared for dinner.  The only dinner reservations times available were 5:45 or after 8:00 so we opted for the 5:45. After a good dinner, we decided to sit out on the patio again and watch the lake grow darker in the twilight.  We started talking to several couples who were sitting nearby and had an enjoyable time hearing about their travels and where they had come from.  After a while it became a bit too cool outside so we decided to call it a night.

We have enjoyed our stay at the Crater Lake Lodge, but of all the national park lodges we have stayed at so far, the service has been the worst, particularly housekeeping.  When we commented on it we were told it was because they were getting ready to close for the season and a lot of the staff had left, but we were at the Old Faithful Inn last year just before it closed and experienced no problems at all.  Anyway it was a good stay and it certainly didn’t ruin our enjoyment of Crater Lake.  Tomorrow it’s off to Portland to visit Val’s niece and her family for a couple of days before we head for home.

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  1. Pretty cool to have a view of the lake from the lodge deck. I would have hiked to the falls with you.