Sunday, October 18, 2015

Geezers, Wyoming and South Dakota - Geezer VIII Day 3

Day 10

Nothing was planned for this morning so everyone got up and got breakfast when they wanted.  Jack decided to go out and fly his quadcopter for a while and later we had a visit from the ranch owner saying he had a call from the neighboring ranch complaining about a drone flying overhead.  That put an end for the drone flying for the trip, but we could understand the uneasiness with them.

There were plenty of deer in our backyard.

And lots of antelope.
Jack, Greg and John made a scouting trip into Big Horn to see what was there and found a good place for dinner.  Big Horn has about 500 people so there isn’t much there, but they do have what is supposed to be an excellent steak house so that’s where we’re eating tonight.

After lunch we decided to visit the Brinton Museum which is in Big Horn.  For such a small town it is really a nice museum and they have just opened a brand new building.  It is mostly Sioux artifacts and Indian and western art, but it was pretty interesting and we all enjoyed it.  Before returning to the house we checked out the local equestrian center which is known for its polo field.  Oddly enough, this remote area is known worldwide for its polo field and horses.

The Brinton Museum
Greg, John, Jack and Val
The rest of the afternoon was spent around the house relaxing and hanging out together.  For dinner we decided to go into Big Horn and try the Big Horn Smokehouse and Saloon.  The food was good, but got mixed reviews depending on what you ate, but we had a great time.  The saloon dated back to the 1890’s and retained a lot of its wild west character.  After dinner it was back to the house to view Jack’s last video and then talk until it was for bed.

A group picture at dinner ...
and another out front after dinner.

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