Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Geezers, Wyoming and South Dakota - Big Horn to Badlands National Park, SD

Day 13

It was getaway day so everyone was up early.  After breakfast it was time for final packing and loading the cars.  We were all ready to go just before 10:00 AM so we said our goodbyes and hit the road.  Another sad moment as our Geezer Gathering was over for another year.  At least for Val and I we still have a lot of traveling to do.

The first order of business leaving the ranch was to find gas so we had to drive back to Sheridan.  We got our gas and got on Interstate 90 where we would spend our time today until we reached the Badlands.  It was a 300 mile drive, but the time passed quickly even though we were traveling across the prairies of Wyoming and South Dakota.  There is beauty in every part of our country and every type of country and we could see that today.

We arrived in the Badlands just before 3:00 and made our way to the Cedar Pass Lodge, which is the only place to stay in the park.  After settling in, and resting for a while we decided to have an early dinner at the restaurant next to the Lodge as we wanted to catch the moonrise at 6:30.  The Lodge is owned by the Sioux Indians so we opted for Sioux Indian Tacos, which were excellent.  We have had the same dish made by the Hopis and Navajos, that I think was better than the Sioux version, but we still enjoyed it.

Definitely not one of the Great Lodges, but comfortable and a great location.
Our cabin and back porch.

The row of cabins next to ours.
The view was great from our porch.
Tomorrow night will be both a Super Moon (very large) and a Blood Moon (an
 eclipse) so we wanted to scout a good location for that event.  We found a great place on a dirt road off the main road so there wasn’t much traffic.  Tonight the moon was expected to be bigger than normal, but without the eclipse. We got set up and waited for the moonrise which didn’t disappoint.  With the sun setting behind us and the moon rising in front of us it was perfect for great pictures.  We took way too many, but we had a great time and we'll be ready for tomorrow night's moon spectacular.

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