Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Geezer VI, Driggs, Idaho - Tuesday

Tuesday was a quiet day spent relaxing and catching up.  The weather was cool and cloudy and it felt good just to sit in front of the fireplace with good friends.  The only real activity was Val and John making a trip into Driggs for groceries.  Jack and Steph grilled trout for dinner which were excellent.  After dinner we watched videos that Jack made of our previous Geezer Gatherings and I showed a couple of travel videos I put together of our recent trips.  That was it for the day, not much excitement, but a lot of enjoyment being together with old friends.

One thing that did happen was that we found that the Internet wasn't working so I spent part of the afternoon talking to the owner and then the Internet provider.  They scheduled a service call for Wednesday so that is why these blog updates are being published so late.

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