Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Geezer VI, Driggs, Idaho - Thursday

I got up around 6:00 AM and looked out the window and everything was covered with a thin layer of snow.  I went back to bed for a little more sleep and when I got up at 8:00 it had mostly melted, but the weather was still cold and overcast.  As I said before, this weather is pretty unique for Californians so seeing snow on the ground was pretty exciting.

A dusting of snow on the fields viewed from the deck.
The Geezer house.
Today was another day of just staying around the house, Greg caught Jack's cold so now we had two people not feeling well.  The weather cleared up a bit so Val, John and I drove down to the Teton River just below the house where Jack and Steph fished last year and we walked around a bit.  There wasn't as much fall color as we had last year, but it is still a beautiful spot.

John and Val
Dave and Val

The rest of the day was spent in front of the fire reading, relaxing, chatting and working on the puzzle - not very exciting, but as I said before, just being with good friends makes it the best of times.  Steph made a meatloaf and macaroni and cheese for dinner and it really hit the spot.  It was excellent.  After dinner it started "grappling" outside.  I had never heard of grapple, but according to those from Colorado it is a term for something that is kind of like a soft hail, it's like a tiny snowball.  I thought they made the term up, but I looked it up and sure enough, it's a real term.  It came down fairly hard and covered the deck before long.

A picture of Jack and Val looking in through the window.
It's snowing!
The deck covered with "grapple".

Greg "helping" Steph get dinner.
The puzzle from hell, it was never completed.

John and Greg had some disappointing news for us as they had decided to leave a day early.  Greg wasn't feeling well due to his cold so they thought it would be best to go home.  Disappointing, but we could understand and sympathize.  Jack seems to be doing better as his cold has not been too bad, and luckily no one else seems to have caught it.  Since John and Greg were leaving in the morning we did have to shoot our annual group pictures.  Every year Val designs a Geezer T-shirt which we are all wearing in the pictures.  Val and I got everyone a pareo (a Polynesian wraparound which can be worn by both men and women) on our trip to French Polynesia so everyone is wearing theirs in the last picture.

We made our new friend who hung above the fireplace an honorary geezer.

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