Thursday, October 10, 2013

Geezer VI, Driggs, Idaho - Friday

The plan for the day was to visit Grassy Lake, which was a drive recommended by Nick the Internet repairman.  Grassy Lake is located in a remote area north of us in Wyoming near the Yellowstone National Park boundary.  We took the same route we took on our trip to Mesa Falls last year, but it's not quite as far.  Unfortunately John and Greg would not be joining us as they left for home just after 8:00 AM.  The weather was very cold with ice and snow on the ground, but there was a partial clearing so it wasn't quite as overcast. Before we left we took these pictures of the snow blowing off the Tetons from the deck of our house.


After packing a lunch we were on our way.  We had a little trouble finding the right road, but once we did it was a beautiful drive.  As we drove up into the mountains there was more and more snow on the ground and in the trees, and we were grateful for our 4-wheel drive.  The snow wasn't too deep, and was beautiful as it clung to the tree branches and covered the ground.  The temperature stayed around thirty-two to thirty-three degrees all day, but we did get a partial clearing and had some blue sky.  The road we were on was dirt and pretty remote, we only saw one other vehicle on our journey.  When we were a couple of miles from Grassy Lake the snow got deeper and the road steeper and you could see where others had turned around so we decided to turn around too rather than chance getting stuck.  It didn't look too bad, but we don't have very much experience in the snow and if others were turning around, we thought we had better also.  We stopped and ate our lunch in the car as it was too cold and wet to sit outside.  It was a very fun and a very beautiful day. After lunch it was back down the mountain and back to the house.  Jack and Steph were generous enough to fill our gas tank for us on our way back, so thanks again Jack and Steph!!

A dusting of snow at the start of our trip.
A brief delay as a couple of locals crossed the road.

Steph and Jack

A lot of pictures being taken.

The end of the road (for us).

Tomorrow we start for home and everyone has a long drive so we started packing when we got back.  It's always sad to realize our group will all be going their separate ways, but we will gather again next year.  For dinner we ate leftovers from the previous meal ,which were still very good.  One thing we are never short of at these gatherings is food, I hope I haven't gained too much weight this week. After dinner we relaxed and made one last futile effort to finish the puzzle and then it was off to bed as we wanted to get an early start for home.

They were harvesting potatoes (we think) in the fields we could see from the deck.

The Tetons poke through the clouds on the final day of our Geezer Gathering.

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