Thursday, October 3, 2013

Geezer VI, Driggs, Idaho - Arrival

Idaho Falls is only a couple of hours away from our rental house so Monday morning we slept in and relaxed and didn't leave the hotel until eleven.  We found a grocery store and did some shopping and then met our friends (and fellow geezers) Jack and Steph for lunch.  By the time we had finished lunch it was around 1:00 and we set off for Driggs.  We took the slower, but more scenic route through Swan Valley as we still had plenty of time to get there.  The weather was mixed sun and rain, but nothing too bad for the drive.

We arrived at the rental house just before 3:00 and were met by the housekeeper who let us in and gave us a little orientation.  The house was very similar to the one we rented last year, but a little smaller and with fewer amenities.  Still it is a very nice house and looks like it will be more than adequate for our stay. A prominent feature in the living room is a very large buffalo head hanging over the fireplace.  There are large windows facing the Teton Mountain Range, the Teton Valley and the Teton River just below the house.  It is a beautiful setting for our gathering and a wonderful spot to spend time together.

We settled in and awaited the arrival of John and Greg who were driving in from Colorado Springs.  They arrived around 4:30 and our group was complete.  After a little catching up, Val prepared a hearty tortilla soup for dinner and then we settled in for the evening.  It was good to see everyone and we had plenty to talk about catching up on everything that had happened since we had seen each other last year.

The view out the front windows
The Tetons in the distance.
John and Greg watching Val and Steoh get dinner.

Val preparing her soup.
Sunset on the Tetons.

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