Saturday, May 5, 2012

Las Vegas / Palm Desert: Thursday, May 3 - Las Vegas

Our last day in Las Vegas and as usual, our stay has passed quickly.  We usually like to spend our last day mostly gambling and that was our plan for today.  After nearly breaking even the first two days, I had a disastrous day yesterday so I hoped to make up for that today.  Val on the other hand, had a very bad first two days and did very well yesterday.  After our usually late start we headed down to the Flamingo as we wanted to pass by O’Sheas and see what kind of construction was going on.  They were doing quite a bit of work near the Imperial Palace and were doing something around the front of O’sheas.  Really too early to see exactly what is planned.

The Flaming turned out to be just what I needed.  Val and I found our favorite Lord of the Rings slots and we both cashed out a couple of hundred ahead and then after losing on several other slots we tried a penny Wheel of Fortune machine with progressive spots on the wheel.  I managed to hit both a $500 and $35 progressive on a couple of spins and cashed out over $500 ahead, quite a turn-around for me.   
My big win
I was happier than I looked
We had lunch at a new Mexican restaurant at the Flamingo called Carlos and Charlies.  The food was pretty good and our waitress wasn’t, but is was a nice lunch.  The weather was beautiful and we sat at an outside table adjoining the gardens and koi ponds.

We had enough of the Flamingo and headed back to Harrah’s where we once again settled in at the Lord of the Rings slots.  Those slots are fun with lots of bonuses and a group of people that tend to play there often and you get to know them.  It’s very interactive so there’s a lot of cheering and high-fiving when things are going well.  We sat there for over two hours and by the time we quit, Val and I both cashed out over $300 ahead.  With all of our winnings, it sounds like we should be way ahead, but unfortunately between the wins there was also losing, but we did minimize our losing.  After a little rest we headed back down for our final evening and back to our Lord of the Rings machines where we found some of our new friends back playing again.  We played there for several hours again, not doing nearly so well, but winning enough to be able to keep playing.  Val actually did quite well, but I did poorly enough that I had to quit at times to preserve my money.  We ended the evening early as we wanted to get up early and get a good start to Palm Desert. 

As always, we had a great time in Las Vegas.  We didn't get to some of the restaurants we intended, but there's always next time.  While we didn't come out ahead in our gambling, we did bring money home with us which is pretty much all I ever hope for.  We consider gambling entertainment and allocate only enough money that we can afford to lose.  We expect to lose it all so any other result is like a win.  They don't build all those fancy hotels and casinos by giving away a lot of money to people gambling.

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