Sunday, May 6, 2012

Las Vegas / Palm Desert: Saturday, May 5 - Palm Desert

Today was a welcome leisurely day after all the driving and frantic pace of Las Vegas.  Ev woke up feeling worse, so first thing in the morning, Doug took her to a Med Stop.  Val and I relaxed, read and had a pleasant morning doing nothing.  When Doug and Ev returned it was confirmed that Ev was pretty sick.  She was given a dose of antibiotics which will hopefully get her feeling better in a day or two.

Ev needed to get some rest so Doug took Val and I to a nice shopping area in downtown Palm Desert where we walked around and looked at some of the shops and galleries there.  Val found a Coldwater Creek which is her favorite store so she spent some time shopping.  After that it was back home for lunch and then more relaxing and later a swim and lounging around the pool.

The activity for the night was to attend the Follies in downtown Palm Springs so after swimming we had to get ready for that.  The show started at seven which meant an early dinner for us.  We found a great Italian place called Bella Vita nearby and had an excellent dinner there and then off to the Follies.

The Follies is an old style musical review with singing, dancing and comedy.  The unique thing about the Follies is that all the performers are older.  The youngest was 58 and the oldest was 82 and they were all very good.  Most had extensive performing experience in Broadway plays, TV, Movies and many had performed in Las Vegas.  In between the music an MC entertained with commentary and comedy (a warning, if you don't want to be picked on, don't sit in the first row).  There was also a ventriloquist who was very funny and the fifties do-wop group the Diamonds performed and were great.  It was a great show and I highly recommend it.

Downtown Palm Springs was really hopping when we left the theater.  I had never been there before and was really surprised, it was like being in Las Vegas minus the casinos.  There was music, restaurants and shops all full and active with mostly young people.  Doug and Val spotted a Coldstone Creamery and decided it was time for dessert.  After that it was back home after a great evening.  A very fun day in Palm Desert.

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