Friday, May 4, 2012

Las Vegas / Palm Desert: Sunday, April 29 - Tehachapi

We left home right after lunch and after an easy drive, we were in Tehachapi by 4:00.  Tehachapi is a nice little community in the mountains between Bakersfield and Mojave on Highway 58.  

 Tehachapi’s biggest claim to fame (particularly among railroad enthusiasts) is probably the Tehachapi Loop.  In order to allow the over 50 trains that pass through the area every day to climb the steep grades through the mountains, a series of loops and tunnels have been constructed to keep the grade passable.  What makes this so interesting is when viewing the long freight trains going through this loop from above, they snake around the loops and through the tunnels and actually pass over themselves like a coiled snake.  It’s a little hard to explain and I don’t have any pictures with me, but it is well worth a visit to see this.

Our stay in Tehachapi was very uneventful, but we did find a great place to eat if you like good BBQ.  It’s called the Red House BBQ and is in the downtown area of Tehachapi.  Val and I both had a 4 rib dinner with two sides and the ribs and the side orders were very good.  On their advertisement it said open from 11 AM until the food runs out and they mean it.  They are very busy and while we were there, they ran out of ribs and coleslaw.  Anyway, worth a try if you are in Tehachapi and like good BBQ.

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