Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Geezer IX - Route 66

This is not about Dave and Val's travels, but about Jack and Steph's.  After leaving Flagstaff they took Interstate 40 west until Ash Fork, Arizona where they got off the interstate and onto Route 66.  This stretch of Route 66 between Ash Fork and Topock, Arizona is the longest remaining stretch of this historic highway.

Here is a map of that stretch of Route 66 (marked in red).
After they got home, Jack sent me some great pictures he took along the way and since Route 66 was one of the themes of our Geezer Gathering this year I decided to add them to the blog.  So here is a sampling of the pictures Jack took as he and Steph explored this stretch of Historic Route 66.

Thanks so much for sharing your pictures Jack, they are great.  The next time we are on Interstate 40 and have the time, Val and I will definitely be taking this route.

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