Monday, October 10, 2016

Geezer IX - Geezer Day 2

When we got up this morning we were surprised to see that it had rained.  It continued to rain on and off during the morning as the skies would clear and then cloud up again.  We hadn’t made any plans so the rain didn’t hinder anything, but it did keep us inside.

We were entertained for a while watching the squirrels go after the bread we put out on the feeder, but we spent most of the morning talking or reading.  Jack has a new quad-copter that he wanted to try out so during one of the periods of clearing we went outside and watched him try that out.  It is much better than his old one and the performance was impressive.

Jack, Greg and myself as photographed from Jack's quad copter.

After lunch the skies cleared and Jack and I decided to go for a walk.  I wanted to see what was at the end of the road the house is on so we walked up that road and found it ended at a ranch entrance with a private property sign on the fence so that ended our walk up the road.  There were train tracks right there so we decided to follow the service road along the tracks and see where that led.  The tracks were a main east-west line so we saw four different freight trains as we walked.  They were all pretty long, but one in particular was huge with nine engines.  There were four in the front, two in the middle and three more on the end; it was very impressive.  After walking for a while we wondered whether we should turn back or go on so I looked at our location on Google Maps on my phone and saw that the tracks passed under Interstate 40 ahead so we decided to press on and walk the frontage road back from where the tracks go under the highway.  It turned out to be more than a five mile walk, but it was mostly flat so not too strenuous.

Standing further back and in the middle, one of the locals wondering who was walking down their road.

We decided to follow the tracks.

Jack took a picture of me.
While Jack and I were walking, quite a bit of progress was made on the puzzle.

We relaxed until it was time for dinner and then enjoyed another excellent meal prepared by Steph.  It was a bean soup with corn bread, which was another childhood favorite that several of us remembered from our youth.  The entertainment for the night was the showing of videos I had made of last year’s Geezer trip and our February road trip to Houston - it’s nice to have a captive audience.  After the videos we had dessert (another piece of the delicious cake Steph made last night) and then spent the rest of the evening talking.  Several times during the evening we saw lightning and heard thunder as the rain returned.  The forecast is for more rain tomorrow so it looks like we might be housebound again.

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