Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Geezer IX - Departure Day

Jack and Steph were up early and Val and I soon followed suit as we didn’t want them to leave without saying goodbye.  It was a somber group eating breakfast and doing the final packing; the end of our Geezer Gathering is always a sad time.  Jack and Steph were soon ready to leave so we said our final goodbyes and Val and I watched them drive off.  These annual Geezer Gatherings are something we all look forward to and they seem to fly by too quickly.  The only consolation is that we can start looking forward to next year’s gathering, which will probably be in Montana.

Val and I will be spending a few days in Las Vegas before we go home so since it's less than a four hour drive, we took our time before leaving.  We did our final packing and it was finally time to hit the road; next stop Las Vegas.

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