Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Geezer IX - Geezer Day 4

We woke up to another gray day, but at least it wasn’t raining.  After everyone was up and finished with breakfast we decided to visit the Pioneer Museum in Flagstaff.  Old Route 66 runs through Flagstaff so the museum has a section devoted to that, which we were all interested in.  The Route 66 display was pretty interesting as were the displays on the history of Flagstaff.  They had an old train engine on display outside along with a caboose.  I found the caboose very interesting as it was left as it was when operational.  There were other displays of old vehicles and buildings on the grounds so we spent quite a bit of time looking at them.  It started raining again so we finished our visit to the Pioneer Museum and headed back to the house.

Greg, Dave and Jack looking at the exhibits.
Greg, Dave and Steph on old engine number 12.
My favorite - the caboose.  Notice the cupola on the top at the back.
The inside of the caboose looking towards the back ...
and towards the front.
There was one of these seats on both sides looking out the cupola towards the front of the train.  I guess that's how they were able to see what was going on with the train.
One of the old buildings on the grounds.
Val is fixing dinner tonight so she and I had to hunt for a market to buy her groceries, but we soon joined the others back at the house for lunch.  The rain continued during the afternoon so we spent the afternoon talking, playing games and reading.

The puzzle is getting very close to completion.
The squirrels were quick to notice some more food in the feeder.

For dinner Val recreated a dinner we had in Labrador, Canada on our recent cruise.  It was a simple dinner, but we really liked it and Val asked the chef for the recipe and she actually made a copy and gave it to Val.  Val did an excellent job of recreating it and we had a wonderful dinner.  The main ingredient was a glaze made with cloudberries that grow in northern Canada and Iceland.  We managed to bring back some cloudberry preserves from our trip and Val used that to make the glaze.

Val wanted a picture of everyone at dinner and tried to include herself.
After dinner it was more talk until it was time for bed.  During the evening the weather cleared and we could see clear skies overhead.  Hopefully that will hold through tomorrow as we are planning on taking a trip to Sunset Crater and Wupatki National Monuments.

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