Thursday, March 19, 2015

Inca Empire Cruise - Day 3 Cabo San Lucas

We weren’t due to arrive in Cabo San Lucas until noon.  At 10:00 we went to a presentation on the history, geography and culture of Mexico presented by our travel guide, Kainoa.  After the lecture there was a “sail-in” party on the seaview deck so we decided to attend that and watch our arrival into Cabo. 

There weren’t too many people at the party as I expect many were getting ready to get off the ship for their shore excursions.  There was music and plenty to drink if you wanted, but we were content to listen to the music and look at the beautiful scenery as we sailed around the point and into Cabo San Lucas.  We actually spotted several whales as we sailed in which was pretty interesting.  We planned to go ashore later in the day as our ship would be in Cabo until 11:00 tonight.

We sail around the point and into the harbor of Cabo San Lucas.

A humpback whale coming out of the water
Another humback smacking its tail.

Music at the "sail-in" party.

Cabo San Lucas
Just before noon, the ship dropped anchor in the harbor and started the tendering process.  There are no docks in Cabo, so the ships all anchor in the harbor and you get to shore by tenders.  We returned to the room to watch the activity from our balcony and wait for the first wave people going ashore to diminish before we went into Cabo.  The first and only time we have been here there were three other ships anchored in the harbor so it was very crowded, but this time we are the only one.

The first tender leaves the ship.
The tenders are the ship's lifeboats which serve double duty.
Around 2:00 we decided we would go ashore and headed down to the tenders.  Another benefit of having a suite is you get to go straight to the tenders without having to get a boarding number and wait for your number to be called.  Cabo was just as we remembered it, but a lot less crowded, though there were a lot of young spring breakers around.  We browsed through the shops without finding anything of interest and then headed to a kind of a 7-11 Store to buy a case of water for the trip, but they wanted $20, which I just couldn’t see paying, since it’s cheaper buying it on the ship.  After that it we decided to head back to the ship.

On the tender heading for Cabo.
A pelican in the water.
A view of the Statendam from the dock.

Some of the shops around the dock area.
On our way back to the ship.
As you can tell, we weren’t terribly excited about Cabo San Lucas.  It is a beautiful spot and there is plenty to do, especially if you are into water sports or fishing. For us the real excitement on this cruise is ahead of us.  After returning to the ship, we spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing on the balcony and reading. 

Both Val and I are reading a book called “The Last Days of the Incas” by Kim MacQuarrie in preparation for our arrival in Peru and Machu Picchu. It’s the history of the Inca Empire and the conquest by the Spanish.  It’s a fascinating book and we both have our noses buried in it whenever we get the chance, which on a cruise is a lot of the time.

We went up early to dinner as, Chris, a singer / guitar player we liked was playing in the MIX Lounge.  We were entertained by him until dinner time and then after a hearty meal of Irish stew (it was St. Patrick’s Day) we went back to our room, no casino for us tonight.  We looked at the pictures we took today and made it an early night as the time changes and we will be losing an hour of sleep tonight.  Tomorrow is the first of two sea days before we reach our next port.

Night falls on Cabo San Lucas.

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