Monday, September 17, 2012

Geezer V, Driggs, Idaho - We Made It

After many miles on the road, we all arrived at the River Rim House in Driggs Idaho yesterday.  It is a great house, even better than we expected, very luxurious. The owners of the house call it their "cabin".  It has 5,000 square feet and has everything we could possibly need.  This was the view of the Teton Valley we were met with when we walked in the door.  Unfortunately, smoke from fires near Jackson has made everything hazy and obscured the view of the Tetons, but we're hoping it will clear out during our stay.

From the deck we look down at the Teton River where Jack and Steph will be trying out their fly fishing skills.

Not much going on yet; we all slept in this morning and are just getting up and around.  There will be more information and pictures to follow.

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