Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Geezer V, Driggs, Idaho - Day 5

Our last day in the River Rim House.  We spent the morning doing mostly nothing, but we did start to pack up things we wouldn't be using anymore.  We want to get an early start tomorrow and we have plans for the afternoon, so the more we get done early, we don't have to do tonight.

Jack and Steph wanted to treat us to lunch so we drove into Driggs and looked around a bit and then had a great lunch at the Pendl's Bakery & Cafe.  I would highly recommend Pendl's for the great sandwiches and even better bakery items, thanks Jack and Steph.  After lunch Jack and Steph visited a couple of fly shops to get some fishing supplies as they were going to try their luck again this afternoon.  After we got back from Driggs, we all went down to the fishing spot just below the house where Steph caught her fish yesterday.  Val and I don't fish, but we went along just to watch.

The fishing spot was beautiful; the trees and bushes were starting to show their fall colors and it was just perfect along the Teton River.  The weather was just right and Val and I took many pictures while Jack and Steph fished.

Looking upriver.
And downriver.
Steph and Jack putting on their waders before stepping into the river.
Val's looking relaxed.
Steph's entering the water.
It looks like Steph is sitting in the rock....
....but she's standing behind it.
Jack's set to go.
And in he goes.
The Teton River.
Steph is very focused, probably why she did so well yesterday.
Jack in action.
More of Jack.
More of the fall color.
Jack and Steph
I'm ready with my camera when they catch the big one.

Jack and Steph
Fall color down the Teton River.

Looks like Jack's got one hooked ... nope, only caught on a rock.

Jack and Steph
Time to call it a day, Steph's heading in and Jack's already in.
Well, it looks like Val and I jinxed them, not a in fish in sight, just a few nibbles, but it was just a beautiful day to be out on the river.  After packing things up, it was back to the house for our final evening.

For dinner we just tried to eat whatever left over food we had.  We did some final packing, relaxed a bit and talked and then it was early to bed as we hoped to be on the road by 8:00 AM.  What a great week we've had here at the River Rim House on the Teton River.

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