Thursday, September 20, 2012

Geezer V, Driggs, Idaho - Day 2

Day 2 was much like day 1, more relaxing.  Almost everyone got up a little later, and breakfast turned into more of a brunch.  Not much happened until early afternoon when we decided to go into Driggs and visit the Teton Valley Museum.  It was really very interesting and for a small town it had a large and very nice building.  From there we drove down to the local drive-in movie to take a group picture by the giant potato.  This is a big potato growing area so the theme is very apropos.  This giant potato has become an icon for the area.  According to the locals, the giant potato always makes an appearance in the annual Christmas parade, and last year they covered it in tin foil to represent a baked potato...local humor at its best.

The big potato at the Spud Drive-In.
The "Geezers", Dave, Jack, Val, Greg, John and Steph.
Val with a new friend at the ticket office.
Steph and her new friend.
After the photo session, we took a drive up to the Grand Targhee Ski Area, but the smoke from the fire near Jackson is just too thick to really be able to see the views of the valley and the mountains.  When we returned, John and Greg treated the group to an excellent Mexican dinner in Driggs at the Fuego Grill.  A great dinner, and we all had lots of fun.  After dinner it was back to the house for more talk, but since we wanted to get an early start for our trip to Mesa Falls the next morning, it was a relatively early night.  The end of another great day at the River Rim House.

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