Monday, October 27, 2014

Yellowstone and Geezer VII - Red Canyon Lodge to Durango, CO

October 5

We had a long drive today so we were up early and on the road before eight.  It was a scenic drive south from Flaming Gorge to Vernal, Utah, but we dropped quite a bit in elevation and the land became arid.  When we left the lodge this morning the temperature was 31 degrees, but with the drop in altitude the temperature was up in the low 50's.  From Vernal we drove east to Dinosaur, Colorado where we turned south toward Grand Junction, Colorado.  At first we went through scenic mountain and canyon areas, but soon we were down in the plains.  From Grand Junction we continued south through the same arid country until just south of Montrose, Colorado we started to get into the Rockies, which was the start of a very scenic drive to Durango.  It was spectacular scenery with the fall color contrasting the snow capped mountains.  The going was slow through the twisting mountain road, but it was a beautiful drive.  We were wishing we had time to stop and enjoy the scenery, but we didn’t want to get into Durango too late.  We made it to Durango just after 4:00 and felt like we were back in civilization.  After staying in pretty rustic accommodations for the past week we stayed in a modern hotel with all the creature comforts we could want, we even had a television.  ;-)

Tomorrow we have about a four hour drive to Arroyo Seco for the start of the Geezer Gathering, but we do have to stop and get groceries so I think we will there by mid-afternoon.

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