Friday, October 31, 2014

Yellowstone and Geezer VII - Durango to Arroyo Seco, NM

October 6

Today we will make our way to Arroyo Seco for the beginning of our annual Geezer Gathering.  As usual now that we are further south, the skies were blue with lots of sunshine.  Since we had a relatively short drive today we didn’t get on the road until around 10:00.  From Durango we drove east to Pagosa Springs, Colorado where we stopped and spent almost an hour buying groceries for our dinner tonight and the rest of the week.  

From Pagosa Springs we turned south and soon entered New Mexico.  We stopped in Chama, New Mexico which is one of our favorite little towns.  Their claim to fame is the Cumbres and Toltec Railroad, which is similar to the Durnago – Silverton Railroad.  We have taken it before and we liked it because it wasn’t quite so touristy and seemed a bit more authentic, but that was quite a few years ago.  After a good lunch we drove south a little before turning east on Hwy 64 for the most scenic part of our journey across the Brazos Summit (10,507 feet).  The drive didn’t disappoint as the fall color was beautiful with the trees varying between just turning to almost bare of leaves which led to a myriad of colors.  We could have spent all day on this section of road, but we drove straight through as we were anxious to see our friends.

As we were driving we received a call from our friend John saying that he and Greg would be arriving late because Greg had an emergency at his office.  As we neared Arroyo Seco we heard from Jack and Steph and they were having trouble finding the house, things weren’t starting out too well.  We drove into Arroyo Seco and started following the directions to the house and had our own troubles finding it as the directions weren’t very clear.  Eventually, we all found our way to the house and Geezer VII began!

Arroyo Seco is a nice little village just north of Taos that looked interesting as we drove through it.  The house we rented there is really nice, it is a huge log house in a rustic setting bordering the national forest. Steph and Jack, who drove from Riverside, CA, arrived about the same time as we did. John and Greg had to leave Colorado Springs at separate times due to Greg's work situation.  John arrived just before dinner so everyone was here except for Greg who will arrive tomorrow.  We had a great evening catching up with everyone and just enjoying each others company.  We don’t see each other very often, but we try to make the most of it while we can.  Tomorrow we plan to have a day of leisure around the house.

Here are some pictures of the outside and inside of the house.

The front of the house mostly hidden by trees.

The rear of the house.

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