Friday, August 15, 2014

Alaska and the Yukon - Sea Day

July 21
Sea Day

It feels good to know that we are going to be in the same place for the next seven days.  We have had a great time, but it gets a little tiring moving constantly from place to place.  Today was a sea day and we had nothing planned so we slept in.  Val was feeling worse today, but we’re hoping by tomorrow or the next day she’ll be feeling well enough to participate in the activities we’ve planned.  She wasn’t hungry for breakfast so I went down to the Neptune Lounge (an area for suite guests) and had some muffins, fruit and juice.  We had a bunch of dirty clothes after our two weeks on the road so I sent those out and after doing my four laps (one mile) around the Lower Promenade Deck, I explored the ship.  The Statendam is much like the Ryndam, which is the first ship we took with Holland America so it had a familiar look to it.

When I got back Val was stirring and wanted to go out a bit so we went to the casino and lost a little money and then went to the Lido Buffet where we got sandwiches for lunch.  Val spent the rest of the afternoon napping and I am sitting here catching up on the blog.  The weather outside is amazing; there is a clear blue sky with no clouds and the temperatures are surprisingly moderate.  I went outside expecting cold weather, but was pleasantly surprised.  The captain in his daily update said he expected good weather tomorrow as we sail into Glacier Bay.

Tonight was a formal night in the dining room and Val didn’t feel like getting dressed for dinner so we ordered room service and ate in the room.  We didn’t do anything else this evening as Val needs to get as much rest as possible.

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