Friday, April 6, 2012

Train to Denver Trip: Final Day - Home and Reflections

This was the last day of our trip and there is not much to say about it.  We left Davis around 10 AM and after an easy drive down I-5, we were home by 2:30.  It was good to be home, but a little sad to have the trip over.  The good thing, I don't have to go back to work Monday!  This is a first for me and I must say, I like it.

Reflections -
This trip turned out to be much more than expected.  The train rides through the Rockies and Sierras were wonderful with all of the beautiful scenery.  The whole train ride was great; the leisurely pace, the ever changing scenery, the interesting people you meet, even the food was pretty good, a great way to travel if you have the time.  Denver was a surprise with a very vibrant and interesting downtown and Val's choice of the Magnolia Hotel in the heart of the downtown was perfect.  We also had a great time seeing our friends John and Greg and having a fun evening with them.  Reno turned out to be full of surprises with a comped suite and then a big win in the casino.  All in all, a great trip.  Thank you Val for all of your planning and making my "surprise" retirement trip a memorable and special time.

The Blog -
As I have said before, this is my first attempt at a Blog.  I don't really consider myself a writer, but I usually keep a journal on our trips and this seemed like a nice extension of that with the ability to add pictures and for others to view it.  If anyone is actually reading this, I hope you found it enjoyable to read and will continue to follow us in our travels.  It took a lot more time than I thought it would, but it has been fun to be able to preserve our memories so I plan to keep at it.

What's Next?
Our next trip will be at the beginning of May with a visit to Las Vegas and then meeting our friends Doug and Eveline for a few days at their condo they have in Palm Desert, CA.  After returning home for a few days, it's off to Moab, Utah where we'll meet several friends and take on the White Rim Road for a 4-wheel drive adventure in Canyonlands National Park.

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