Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Train to Denver Trip: Day 7 - California Zephyr

I finally have an Internet connection and some time so I'll see if I can get caught up.

Sunday morning we were up early to get ready for our departure from Denver.  The hotel had a cab waiting and we were at the train station by 7AM to catch the California Zephyr to Reno, Nevada.  We checked our bags and after a short wait we were on our way.  Here are some pictures of our bedroom compartment I took as we were leaving.

Looking in from doorway

Sink area next to door
Single seat and couch seat
Couch area that folds into lower bed
Combination toilet and shower (efficient, if not unusual, use of space)
The compartment is a little tight at times, but it beats trying to sleep sitting in a chair.

We spent the first part of the day going through the Rockies.  All the pictures are taken through the train windows, which are not the cleanest and are scratched, but the scenery is often spectacular and it's better than no pictures at all.

We followed Interstate 70 through much of the way on the west side of the Rockies.  The engineering to build I-70 was truly amazing as you see how they had too build it on the sheer canyon walls.  Here are a couple of pictures of I-70 through Glenwood Canyon where they were mandated to disturb the canyon walls as little as possible to preserve the beauty.
I-70, Glenwood, Canyon

I-70, Glenwood, Canyon
 We came out of the Rockies and passed through Grand Junction, Colorado and then into Utah.  Around Sphinx, Utah there were many interesting rock formations including this one.
Rock formation near Sphinx, Utah
 As we neared Helper, Utah, the day turned to evening and it started to snow.  Here is a blurry, but somewhat artistic picture taken at dusk of the snowy terrain.  It was very beautiful in the twilight.
Snow evening near Helper, Utah
 We had a late dinner and then it was off to bed to prepare for our early arrival in Reno the next morning.

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