Thursday, April 5, 2012

Train to Denver Trip: Day 10 - California Zephyr to Davis

Once again it was an early morning as we got ready to catch the train to Davis, the final train leg of our trip.  We checked our bags at the station and then walked back to Harrah's for a quick breakfast and then it was train time.  The California Zephyr arrived right on time and we were on our way.  We opted for a roomette on this leg of the trip as we wouldn't be sleeping on the train so we didn't need a full bedroom.  We chose the roomette over a coach seats because it allowed both of us to sit by a window for the trip over the Sierras.

It had snowed during the night so there was fresh snow on the ground and the trees were covered, making for beautiful scenery as we rode through the mountains.  Here are some pictures Val took through the train window on our journey.  The trains windows were extremely dirty which you can see in the pictures.
Donner Lake

The pictures tell it all for this day, a beautiful ride through the mountains.  

We had lunch on the train and as usual, had an interesting conversation with a couple of fellow travelers.  We have met the nicest people on the train, I guess it may be because nobody's in a hurry or they wouldn't have taken the train and everyone is more relaxed.  I usually don't enjoy talking to strangers very much, but the train has certainly changed that for me.

The day seemed to go by quickly and we were soon pulling into Davis, completing our train journey.  The train arrived an hour early so we had a free afternoon ahead of us.  We walked across the street to our hotel and checked in.  The first thing we did was check the car and it was still there just as we had left it.  After cleaning up a bit we found there was a Bank of America close by, so we walked over to deposit our big check from Reno which of course we enjoyed.  :-)  

The train station and hotel are very close to UC Davis, so the area really caters to students.  Walking around we felt ancient as everyone seemed to be in their late teens or early twenties.  It did mean there was a wide variety of places to eat so we didn't have any trouble finding a spot to have dinner.  We spent the evening relaxing in the hotel room (no night life for us) and got ready for our drive home the next morning.

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