Monday, May 15, 2017

Ten Days in Hawaii - Wrap Up

How many times do you get together with friends and start talking about things you should do together and everyone says yes let's do that, and how many times does it actually happen?  If you're like me, it almost never happens, but this trip to Hawaii is an exception to that.

It was almost a year ago when Doug and Ev, and Cathy and Heather came over for dinner and we began talking about traveling somewhere together as we had done before, but this time we actually followed through and here we are, just home from a wonderful trip to Hawaii.  This was the first time we had all traveled together and although we are all good friends, you never know how it will go when you spend so much time together.  It turned out we traveled very well together.  Did we have some disagreements - of course, but that's going to happen no matter what, but overall I would say we all got along great and the trip was a great success.

Speaking for Val and I, we had a great time and really enjoyed the chance to spend ten days exploring the Big Island.  Snorkeling, exploring the north and south ends of the island and visiting Volcano National Park - it was all great, but my personal favorite thing was the snorkeling trip on the Fair Wind II.  The weather was amazing as I guess it always is in Hawaii.  Although it rained almost every day, it didn't last long and never interfered with our planned activities.

The house we rented in Captain Cook was also wonderful and exceeded our expectations.  The grounds were beautiful and well kept and the house was huge, well equipped and very comfortable.  Eating dinner on the lanai every night looking out at the beautiful view of the coast was one of the highlights.  The house was big enough that if you wanted some time alone there was plenty of places where you could get away.  The pool was great and we all took advantage of it, but none more than Doug who really loves the water.  Overall this turned out to be the perfect place to call home during our time on the island.

We have no more trips planned until the middle of September when we have our annual Geezer trip that is in New Mexico this year.  After that we leave in the middle of October on a long, seven week round-trip cruise out of Fort Lauderdale to explore the Mediterranean.  For now we are going to enjoy spending a rare summer at home this year.  So that's it for now and we'll see you on down the road.

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