Monday, May 15, 2017

Ten Days in Hawaii - Day 7: A Day of Rest

Today was a rest and relaxation day for us.  Doug and Ev had gotten up early and gone snorkeling, but the rest of us slept a little later and spent a leisurely morning doing not too much.  Doug and Ev got home around 11:00 and said they had found a great beach for snorkeling.  They got us all so interested we decided to go to their spot Thursday morning, which is our last day before we go home.

Val and I had one bit of luck this morning.  I looked online to see if we could upgrade to the bulkhead seats like we did on the flight over, which gave us a lot more leg room.  They weren’t available, but there were a couple of first class seats so I decided to give them a call and see how much they would cost.  Much to my surprise they weren’t very expensive so we did it.  This is our first time flying first class and we’re looking forward to it.

I haven’t commented on this before, but there are a lot of geckos around the house here in Hawaii.  In fact just not around the house, but in the house as they seem to turn up anywhere.  It has been impossible to keep them out of the house and we see them mostly in kitchen on the floors, counter tops or on the walls.  They seem harmless, but we have learned to keep food covered and in sealed bags.  Here are some pictures Cathy took with her cell phone.

After lunch I worked on the blog as I had fallen behind and then Val and I went into Captain Cook to get a few groceries.  We decided to drive back to the Donkey Ball shop to get some more as we had finished off our first bag; they are soooo good.  Cathy and Heather had gone out for lunch and Doug and Ev were relaxing around the pool so it was a pretty laid back day.

We grilled pork chops for dinner and then did our usual reading, talking and playing games after dinner until it was time to go to bed.  Tomorrow Doug and Ev are going to try snorkeling at a couple more beaches further north and Heather, Cathy, Val and I are going to drive up to the northern part of the island.

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