Monday, June 23, 2014

California to Chicago and Michigan by Rail - Chicago to Michigan

Today is a travel day so we packed everything up and got ready to go.  Our stay in one of the corporate suites in the Aqua Building was great; the view, the location, the amenities and the comfort made our stay truly wonderful, we would come gladly come back and stay there again and I would highly recommend it.   

We had to be out of our suite by 11:00 AM so around 10:30 we grabbed a cab and made our way to Union Station in Chicago where we would catch the Amtrak Wolverine to Battle Creek, Michigan where Judy had her car parked.  From there we would make our way to Sturgis in Southern Michigan where Judy lived.  Our train didn’t leave until 2:50 so we had about a three hour wait, but since we had business class tickets we were able to wait in the Metropolitan Lounge, which has nice comfortable seating, all the free sodas and coffee you want, and the noise level is a lot less than the regular waiting room.  After getting some sandwiches at a Deli in the train station it was soon time to leave.  After our positive experience with a porter when we arrived in Chicago, we found one and loaded up our luggage and were driven to our train car.  It was well worth traveling business class, first because of the use of the Metropolitan Lounge, but also the business class cars are much roomier and comfortable than coach. 

We arrived in Battle Creek just after 7:00 PM, and after loading our luggage into Judy’s car, we were off to Sturgis.  We stopped for dinner and then Judy dropped us off at the hotel, and we called it a day.

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