Friday, November 9, 2012

Washington, Oregon - Day 13: Lake Quinault - North Shore Road

When we looked out the window this morning we saw sun shining on the lake, a good sign.  After breakfast at the lodge, it was off to the North Shore Road which as you might guess, runs along the north shore of Quinault Lake and the North Fork of the Quinault River.  We didn't expect as many photo opportunities today as yesterday because we could see a lot more homes lining the lake as we looked across from the lodge, but we were wrong.  While it wasn't as nice of a drive as the South Shore Road, it was very beautiful and interesting in it's own right, once you get past the area of the homes and drive deeper into the rain forest.  Although it started out sunny, by early afternoon it had clouded up and a light rain started to fall, as I said yesterday, it's to be expected in a rain forest.  We again took a lot of pictures so here is a sampling of what we saw.

As you can see, another good day.  After our drive on North Shore Road we had intended on taking a drive along the ocean a little south of Quinault, but we decided we would get back to the lodge too late so that will have to wait for another trip. We decided to give the lodge another chance for dinner and once again we were disappointed.  Considering how nice the lodge is, we can't understand why the food is so mediocre.  Oh well, we still love it here and will certainly return.  It will be early to bed as we want to get an early start tomorrow as we head for home.

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